Twelve-spotted Skimmers

We have a large number of Blue Dashers at the pond, but it is fun to find other kinds of Dragonflies that are also there. The Twelve-spotted Skimmer is another dragonfly that seems to always be around, both a male and female. The Blue Dashers usually chase them off their perches and they swirl around, then come back and land. When they are feeding on bugs, it is non-stop taking off, grabbing their meal and landing to eat. So you can get a lot of shots of them in different positions, angles and most importantly, different backgrounds.

_43G0760 yd 12 spot v2

_43G0827 v2 yd 12 spot v4

_43G0975 yard 12 spotted skimmer pano v2

_43G0978 yard 12 spotted skimmer v1

_43G1023 yard 12 spotted skimmer v7

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