Interesting Visitor In Yard

We found this interesting visitor in the yard. Is it a larvae or insect? We do not know, but it is an interesting photographic subject. It is only a little over 1/4″ long and was on an interesting vine flowering near the pond. If anyone knows what it is, let us know. It was windy and moving in the wind, so I shot short bursts hoping to get a few sharp images. I added a little fill flash to open the shadows.


_MG_8731 pond bug v3

Yard Visitor on Flowering Vine. Canon EOS 7D, Sigma 150mm f/2.8 Macro lens, Canon 1.4X Series II Teleconverter, f/ 8, 1/100, -0.33 exposure compensation, ISO 800, Canon 600 ex Flash w/ Rogue Flexible Reflector, – 1 stop ettl exposure compensation for some fill light in shadows.

_MG_8741 pond bug v2

Closer Side View

_MG_8746 pond bug v3

Closeup Portrait

_MG_8774 pond bug v1

View showing environment

_MG_8796 pond bug v2

Underside View

_MG_8888 pond bug v1

Still Hanging On.

_MG_8894 pond bug v2

Full Flash View Showing Underside Detail with no ambient light.

_MG_8912 pond bug v2

Top View w/ environment


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