Black Skimmers – In Flight Fighting

A friend invited me to go to Nickerson Beach in Long Island, which is known for large groups of nesting Common Terns, Black Skimmers and Oystercatchers and I was not disappointed. Also has a large group of Laughing Gulls (the Gulls with black heads). There are 2 main roped off areas for the nesting birds and we went to the one on the left. The birds are also active on the sand dunes, beach and in the rough surf. There was plenty of photo opportunities in all locations with a lot activity and at this time we saw quite a few Oystercatcher chicks. There were also many mating Common Terns. It is best to get there early for the best time to photograph the birds when it is not crowded and the birds are active. For detail shots of the birds nesting on the ground, bring your longest lens. It is fun to see and photograph the Black Skimmers and Common Terns fishing in the rough surf. Birds in flight photography is pretty much non stop all the while I was there. I have a large amount of images to go through, almost 3,000 files, but here is 1 image to start. I will post a full series of the fighting images tomorrow to show illustrate the story. Thanks again Bun for taking me along!

2 Comments on “Black Skimmers – In Flight Fighting

    • Hi Lyle, Thanks! I was on my way head home and as I was walking in the soft sand I saw them starting to go after each other. I just took a chance and fired off a burst, trying to follow them as they were all over the sky for those few seconds.

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