A Little Different Macro – Canon MP-E 65mm

I went out to The Celery Farm Natural Area to photograph very small dried wildflowers. I took along my Canon MP-E 65 mm 1-5X Macro. This is a very specialized macro lens that starts at 1X and goes to 5X magnification. It is more like a lens with a variable extension tube zooming out for the increased magnification. I decided to add a 1.4X teleconverter to add a little more working distance. This adds just a little bit more working distance, in some cases the front element is less than an inch away from your subject, but every bit helps. With the 1.4X Teleconverter it makes this a 91mm f/4. I was using a Canon Macro Ring Flash MR-14 EX to light these subjects as I was shooting handheld. My camera body was a Canon 1D MkIV camera body, so with the 1.3 crop of the sensor, this also adds to the lens, making it 1.3X to about 6X. For the wildflowers I left it at 1.3X for most, then later I shot some areas of the wooden lookout tower at various magnifications to show the different magnifications. I used aperture priority for some where I wanted to get some background detail, while the ones I have with dark backgrounds I used Manual exposure to darken the background and let the flash light the subject.

Full image for an idea of scale and subject


One of the smaller dried wildflowers @ 1.3X, lit with ring lash, no ambient light, for darker background

Larger Dried Wildflower @ 1.3X, handheld, lit with ring flash for main exposure, ambient light for background 1/10 of a second


Dried Wildflower @ ~3X, handheld, lit with ring flash for main exposure, 1/80 sec ,positioned for dark background_43G4625

Dried Wildflower Bud @ ~2X, handheld, lit with ring flash for main exposureambient light for background 1/60 of a second_43G4521

Reference shot for examples of scale
_43G4646 scale

~ 2X  Magnification, Carriage bolt magnification detail_43G4545 1x

~ 4X  Magnification,, Carriage bolt magnification detail_43G4556 5x+

~ 6X  Magnification, Wood grain and with slight crack in wood grain around Carriage bolt_43G4579 6x v2

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