A Different View

I saw a small Sunflower in the yard with the sun striking it from the front. I thought it looked interesting so I went out with a Sigma 150mm macro lens to see what I could come up with. It was nice, but not great. Looked like the usual Sunflower shot. Then I went to the back side and thought it looked more interesting from behind. The sun was coming from the front so I was shooting into the shadows. I used a small 12 inch silver/gold collapsable reflector using the silver side to bring out the textures in the green stem and to also highlight them. There was a green bush in the background which I just kept as a smooth green background to contrast with the yellow petals. I really like the different look with the textures and greens and yellows. After working with the main flower and seeing the textures on the stem, I switched to the unopened buds with the textures to see what I came up with.




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