Work Your Background

Unexpected visitors to the pond today – 2 Autumn Meadowhawks. Went to get my camera with a 150 macro, but they were very skittish. So I switched to 400mm with extensions tubes and a 1.4X teleconverter. I was trying to get the right combination of background and f/-stop combinations to have an uncluttered background as much as possible. I gave up increased depth of field on most and settled for f/5.6, for a smoother background. I thought it might be interesting to see my progression. I moved vertically & horizontally to try for the best background. With a long lens it does not take much to get a different effect. The dragonfly was also slightly moving around the same plant which also gave me some other choices. It then landed next to a spot with some red berries, so I thought maybe the red berries and the red dragonfly would be interesting. Then I worked some on the other side of the pond with the other dragonfly, but it was much darker, so I was shooting bursts to hopefully get one sharp enough to use. You can see the exif data by the photos.

My favorite was the one at the start of this blog, but pick the one you like best.

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